"A wide-eyed novice in the challenging but rewarding world of memoir-writing, I was first introduced to the genre when I attended Marie Carter's memoir workshop—first of many. Passionate about the craft of writing, Marie's devotion to her métier is both infectious and inspiring, while the creative process is not only engaging but also immensely productive. She taught me to love and appreciate the process of writing, not solely the act of having written. It is also through Marie that I was introduced to a variety of quirky, off-the-wall writing talent— for, other than the sheer fact that she is a wonderfully gifted writer herself, she is an avid reader who always keeps a great read or two tucked under her sleeve, bound to inspire an aspiring memoirist. I am eternally grateful to have worked with Marie, and who knows, there may be more creativity in store for us in the near future. I would certainly hope so!"— Tinatin Japaridze
"Navigating the literary world can be a confusing and emotional minefield that feels like it's just waiting to blow a writer to bits at first so when I first met Marie Carter in NYC I wasn't expecting to find a compassionate, patient mentor and friend. She has made herself available to me through the years to advise me, guide me and at times, offer a good, sturdy shoulder to cry on. Her expertise has afforded me the knowledge and courage to keep moving forward with my writing and it's paying off. I can never repay her for making me a better writer and for giving me the map so I can move through the minefields with the passionate sure-footedness it takes to keep on writing."— Maggie San Miguel
"Marie has a sharp eye as an editor.  As a teacher, she was able to motivate me and also to clearly explain how my writing could be simpler and more organized for the reader.  I grew as a writer in her class and her edits have made me more confident in my essays and stories.  She has a simple and no-nonsense approach that resonates with her absolute beginner students all the way up through those who write professionally."— Emma Tattenbaum-Fine
"When I first came to Marie's class I was just a guy with some stories about my life that I thought could be worth writing. I had no idea how to go about it, or even really how to begin. I certainly didn't consider myself at that time to be a writer. Working with Marie gave me the direction I needed to turn my ideas and my memories into prose worth reading. But also, she gave me the belief, not only that my stories were worth writing, but that I had the ability to write them. I'm now pleased to say that not only do I have a number of publications under my belt, I've also managed to travel to three separate continents as a reward for my writing. And I can, quite proudly, call myself a writer."— Joe Marshall
"Marie Carter's memoir class at Gotham Writers' Workshop produced exponential changes in my writing. She is extremely knowledgeable about books, authors, agents, and publishers. An enthusiastic and dedicated teacher, she uses her classroom to motivate and challenge students to be creative and authentic. Her feedback is specific, no-nonsense and goal-oriented. Her calm voice is pleasant to listen to and her caring personality makes it easy to ask questions. She continues to reach out to her students long after the class is over. She makes herself available to help in any way she can. Because of her, I am a better writer."— Tracy Stopler
"Marie is an excellent writing teacher, editor, and mentor. In class, Marie encouraged us to explore different writing styles and share our writing with others-which for beginners can be frightening at first. Marie was very supportive and I appreciated how actively engaged she was with our writing. I thoroughly enjoyed her class and would not hesitate to recommend her as a teacher and writing professional."— Deondra Carter 
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